World Team Poker Squads Selected

Posted on by RTR Susannah

World Team Poker is set to be one of the most entertaining poker tournaments in the world since teams from all around the globe are gathering to compete in this international event.  And many of the teams that will play in the event have finished selecting their team members.

Team USA, which is captained by Phil Hellmuth and Doyles Room personality Doyle Brunson, is the latest team to pick their members.  Hellmuth and Brunson selected Allen Cunningham, Annie Duke, Jennifer Harman, Erik Seidel, Mike Matusow, Chris Ferguson, and Howard Lederer. 

Team Australia members include Tony G, Jeffrey Lisandro, Steve Topakas, David Saab, Mel Judah, Gary Benson, and Billy Argyros.  Team China features Johnny Chan, David Chui, Winfred Yu, Maria Ho, Zelong Dong, and Rich Zhu.  Team Brazil captain Juliano Maesano rounded out this squad by choosing Christian Kruel, Raul Oliveira, Humberto Kim, Leandro Pimentel, and Rodrigo Caprioli. 

Continuing on with the World Poker Teams that will in the texas poker tournament, Team England has Ben Roberts, Peter Costa, Dave Ulliot, Surinder Sunar, James Akenhead, Joe Beevers, David Colclough, and Ram Vaswani.  Team Israel captain Eli Elezra picked Tomar Itzkaki, David Levi, Moshe Elazar, and brothers Michael and Robert Mizrachi.  One more completed group is Team Vietnam which includes Men Nguyen, John Phan, David Pham, Kenny Tran, Tim Phan, Karina Jett, and Van Nguyen.

Many of the teams include numerous players because team captains are allowed to make substitutions during the course of play.  Each team will have one player spread out among the five shoutout poker tables and this player can be substituted for during play. 

The inaugural World Team Poker event happens on May 19th at the Golden Nugget Casino.  And this poker tournament will no doubt be a serious affair since each team has to pay a $50,000 buy-in.

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