Full Tilt adds Rush Poker Tournaments

Posted on by RTR Susannah

If you’ve checked out any poker news in the past few months, you probably know that the new Full Tilt Poker invention known as Rush Poker has become a huge phenomenon.  Not only does Rush Poker prevent wasted time waiting on other players to make moves, but it also enables people to collect more rakeback money in the process.

Of course, this doesn’t mean Rush Poker is perfect since the biggest problem with it is that cash games are the only form of poker games you can play in this format.  In fact, Full Tilt does not offer a single poker tournament in Rush Poker…..at least until now. 

Being one of the largest poker sites in the world, Full Tilt was bound to make improvements to Rush Poker eventually, and they’ve done so with the addition of tournaments.  Now you can find plenty of Rush Poker tournaments amongst Full Tilt Poker’s other daily tourneys.

The Rush tournaments work much the same as Rush Poker cash games where you are immediately moved to another table to play more poker hands after making your move.  Likewise, if you decide to stay in the hand, you will stay at the same table until your cards are mucked.  The two players who haven’t paid blinds in a while will be seated in the big and small blind spots on each table.

The main difference in Rush Poker tournaments is that they become short-handed once play gets down to the final poker tables so that the same quick, Rush-style can still be used.  When the action is down to the final poker table, play will revert back to normal where a full table is used. 

While you’re playing in Rush Poker tournaments, you should also make sure to play cash games so that you can take advantage of 27% rakeback deals they offer.

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