Play poker safely at home and avoid highway robberies!

Posted on by RTR Susannah

Last month in Austin, Texas, some buddies wanted to get together and play some weekend poker. It was business as usual until a group of men holding shot guns came through the back door and stole all the money that was on the table along with some credit cards. The shotgun-carrying men did fire bullets during the raid but luckily none of the 24 players participating in the home game were hurt. It’s unconfirmed how much the men stole and not yet known if they’ve been found.

Why risk getting pillaged at a home game when you can simply play poker from the comforts of your bedroom?

Those who play regular poker nights at home know the action can get stale and boring. After a while you know how each of your mates plays his hands and you will need a new challenge. That new challenge is online. Every room you enter has a bunch of unique players with different playing styles that will help you get better and hopefully richer.

Have you ever dreamed of one day playing for millions at the World Series of Poker* against the best players in world? If so you’re in luck because we’re making dreams come true. RakeTheRake is offering various packages for the World Series of Poker*. Prizes include a guaranteed seat at the main event, tickets to watch it unfold live and side event packages.

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* World Series of Poker and WSOP are trademarks of Harrah’s License Company, LLC (“Harrah’s”). Harrah’s does not sponsor or endorse, and is not associated or affiliated with RakeTheRake or its partners, products, services promotions or tournaments.

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