Hit a $25,000 Jackpot at Pacific Poker

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Pacific Poker is already one of the online poker world’s biggest rakeback providers since they offer 36% rakeback deals to their players.  But Pacific Poker isn’t one to rest on laurels since they are constantly rolling out new promotions to keep members happy.  And their latest promotion involves a $25,000 Royal Flush Jackpot!

In order to win this huge jackpot prize, you simply need to play in Royal Flush Jackpot rooms at Pacific Poker.  As you play at these poker tables, a small raked amount will be taken from your hand and added to the Royal Flush Jackpot.  So essentially, the prize will be worth much more than $25,000 since this is just the amount where it starts.

To ensure that you’re playing for this jackpot prize, you need to click the “Jackpots” tab in the Pacific Poker lobby and look for tables labeled “Royal.”  After you select one of these texas poker tables, you’ll want to be sure and click Place Jackpot Bet to make sure you’re in the running for the big prize. 

As far as actually winning the jackpot goes, poker hands must include jackpot bets from at least two different players.  Also, a winning hand has to include both of a player’s hole cards, and the hand must go to the showdown.  To get the full amount of the Royal Flush Jackpot, a winning hand has to form a spade flush.  Any other kind of royal flush will result in 10% of the jackpot. 

Once the prize is won, the jackpot will be set back at $25,000 (assuming it drops below this amount).  The Royal Flush Jackpot tables play out like any other form of holdem poker so you’ll be winning lots of money on the side while going for the huge jackpot.

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