Armed Robbers make a guest appearance at The European Poker Tour.

Posted on by RTR Susannah

The cameo appearance cost over £720,000!

A European Poker Tour competition that was taking place in Germany was interrupted early this year when armed gunman came through to the floor and in true wild west fashion pulled out their guns and took off with the prize from the tournament. The gunmen took off with over £720,000 while the TV cameras were live on air. Luckily nobody was killed or critically injured during the robbery. The German security force did very little to hinder the robbers’ operation.

Poker used to be played in dangerous atmospheres like this years ago back in the wild west when lawlessness was always associated with poker games. In this sense, the men armed with machetes and guns bought back a bit of nostalgia to the game in Germany. It’s great to see the game going back to its grass roots. The police took five suspects from the robbery into custody. 

Many people nowadays play poker online so that they don’t have to deal with crazy robbers carrying machetes. Perhaps you should join them just to be safe.

What are some of the other advantages of playing poker online?

One of the best advantages of playing poker online is that it saves you plenty of time over conventional poker games that you play in person. You don’t have to wait for dealer to mix and cut each deck before handing out cards. Online the hands are dealt out lightning fast and there is never a dealer error. You can finish a 12-man tournament online in 30 minutes, whereas if you are playing poker live in person a 12 man tournament will take hours to complete. Another huge advantage in playing poker online is that you could play at multiple tables at once. Some people play over 5 tables in one sitting. It’s simply impossible to play in more than one table playing poker conventionally. If you join a big Rakeback affiliate like you can play poker online and get cashback every time a hand you were playing gets raked. RakeTheRake also offers many promotions from multiple poker sites.

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