Pride, Passion and Country at the World Team Poker Championship

Posted on by RTR Susannah

Last week baseball season saw another opening day and a new season begin to unfold. While the baseball season is long and anything can happen, many diehard fans are already dreaming of taking home that World Series title. In the words of Jackie Robinson, “Baseball is like a poker game. Nobody wants to quit when he’s losing; nobody wants you to quit when you’re ahead.” If Robinson is right and baseball is like poker, then those diehard baseball fans might enjoy checking out another series while they wait for the long-lasting baseball season to play out. The inaugural World Team Poker Event is set to be dealt at The Golden Nugget on the 19th of May. Teams who participate in the World Team Poker Event will play league matches throughout the year, which will then climax at the World Team Poker Championship Event, similar to Baseball’s World Series.

Furthermore, the format of the World Team Poker Event draws upon the concept of coming together and teaming up to achieve a common goal that baseball players and fans are more than familiar with. You can’t win a baseball game on your own and the World Team Poker Event calls for teamwork of a similar fashion. The World Team Poker Event has a unique format from those of other poker events in the sense that it combines both the quality and competitiveness of individual international competition with that of utilizing teamwork to hit the target.

The motto of this year’s World Team Poker Event is, “Pride. Passion. Country.” – Something that any dedicated fan of a team sport can easily understand and fall in line with.

The World Team Poker Event invites teams from all over the world to compete. Each distinctive team is piloted by a Team Captain who is previously chosen by World Team Poker. After each team captain is selected, they are given the responsibility of choosing five professional players to don their nations jersey. Four team members will play at a time and one will serve as an alternate. The selected team members and their captain will then be given the opportunity to show the world what their respective nation can bring to the table.

Another aspect of the World Team Poker Event that makes it unique from other Poker Championships is that in World Team Poker the captain of the team serves a very active role. The captain is just like that of a baseball team; he or she can coach, play and even substitute team players for the duration of the game. This added element has the potential to add a lot of excitement to the game. We’ve all seen passionate baseball captains get thrown out of the game for refusing to agree with an ump, so who knows what kind of excitement and drama could play out in a high stakes poker match with a passionate and headstrong captain?

There’s only one way to find out, so tune in and catch the World Team Poker Events on internet broadcasts worldwide. The Internet broadcast will have only a short delay so you can watch your home teams moves unfold in live time, and cheer them along to the Championship.

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