Rake Away and Rakeback

Posted on by RTR Susannah

A rake is a charge paid to the card room operating your poker game. Whether you are playing in person at a casino or playing poker over the internet you will be always be raked a certain amount of money while playing poker. For instance, Full Tilt Poker’s rakeback system calculates the number of hands you play so that the more hands you play the more rake you will earn and the more rakeback you will generate.

Casinos won’t give you any of your rake money back. Poker rooms normally take a 5% cut out of every pot and you will normally see it stacked in the center of the poker table near the dealer. Even you are playing just $499 dollars a month in rake, you can receive $1,800 dollars at the end of the year in rakeback if you sign a 30% rakeback deal.

If you play online poker every single day then you should definitely sign up and receive some extra benefits in playing. RakeTheRake services are free and give you free money just for signing up. All you have to do is sign up at one of RakeTheRake affiliated poker rooms and you can start recouping some rake money right away.

RakeTheRake also works with various sites to offer you great promotions to events and tournaments around the world and other prizes. For example a current promotion at 888’s Pacific Poker gives you 8 ways to win 88 packages to the 2010 World Series of Poker. The Pacific packages and awards equate to over $850,000 worth of World Series of Poker* packages which can be won just by signing up and playing in free roll events.

* World Series of Poker and WSOP are trademarks of Harrah’s License Company, LLC (“Harrah’s”). Harrah’s does not sponsor or endorse, and is not associated or affiliated with RakeTheRake or its partners, products, services promotions or tournaments.

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