A big Round of Applause to Women in Poker!

Posted on by RTR Susannah

For the first time ever, the poker-playing public will be able to submit nominations for the Women in Poker Hall of Fame Class of 2010. I shall try and not dwell on the question as to why it took so long for the poker playing community to recognize its female counterparts, especially when they (well, we) lose just as much hard earned cash at the poker tables than any other person does. However, that would smack of feminism and this is an article about spreading the credit.

The Induction ceremony for this prestigious event is to be held in Las Vegas over the Labour Day weekend. Nominations were accepted until the 30th April and as we type, the winners are expected to be announced. So what does it take to be considered as an inductee into the Women in Poker Hall of Fame? Well, you have to have been active in poker circles for at least 15 years and contributed to the global poker community in some significant way. According to press releases, this means “either winning major poker tournaments or by making significant contributions to the industry.” 

Well, as any women that has dedicated 15 years of their life to the sport will say; “I have made my significant contribution! Look at my bank statements for the past 15 years!” I, as a woman, also played poker once, lost significantly and so that was my significant contribution to someone else’s pocket. However, in spite of this critical take on the situation, at the end of the day this endeavor is highly commendable. It is fantastic that people are stepping forward and recognizing that women can also play a highly-skilled game of chance while conniving and bluffing their way to the top and that they deserve the same amount of recognition as men do.

And so, in conclusion, women in poker have the induction ceremony to look forward to and if their luck wasn’t coming through on the poker table, perhaps their sacrifices will be recognized at the official Women In Poker Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

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