Poker Loyalty Programs

Posted on by RTR Susannah

Loyalty is an allegiance, faithfulness and devotion to a cause. Poker Loyalty Programs allows you to be added to a mailing list that will provide the latest VIP bonus offers and updates you on the latest promotions that are going on.

A poker loyalty program will also offer monthly refunds to poker players as a incentive for constantly playing. At the end of each month, poker players will receive a rebate amount based on an assortment of factors such as rake contribution, number of hands played, number of tournaments entered and the number of tournaments won.

Normally a player will receive about 25% and 40% from a poker loyalty program though some players earn a huge rebate by playing in high stakes and at a high volume. The more hands you play, the greater the amount of value back from poker loyalty programs you shall receive.

Referral programs can also provide a good source of regular income. Players that refer a friend will receive commission from that players rake for as long as the player continues playing and if the player you referred refers another player you will receive a rakeback commission from that player too.

No matter if you are working on your poker skills to get better or just messing around at tournaments for fun, it’s great knowing that you will get something back from every game you play. Everyone enjoys being valued and appreciated as a customer.

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