Actress Shannon Elizabeth’s Talents Firmly Grasp Poker

Posted on by RTR Susannah

Fans of the actress Shannon Elizabeth will be more than happy to hear that her natural assets are about as keen as her poker playing skills. Known for her revealing performance as a foreign exchange student in the genre-birthing movie “American Pie” and heart-stopping horror “13 Ghosts,” Shannon Elizabeth is rumored to have been chosen to compete in World Team Poker tournament and will be playing for Team Lebanon due to her being of Middle Eastern descent. 

Shannon Elizabeth has been an avid fan and member of the poker tables and poker playing community respectively, for several years now. Her poker playing resume consists of an impressive number of tournaments ranging from several high-profile celebrity ho-downs to some of the world’s most prestigious premier events. 

This year’s World Team Poker is the next great challenge Shannon Elizabeth has set for herself, which is set to kick off next month on the 19th of May in the Golden Nugget Casino in Downtown Las Vegas. Certainly not a player to be under-estimated, the luscious actress has four cashes under her belt won from the past four years’ worth of World Series of Poker* events (WSOP*) and has stretched her playing skills from outside the game of No Limit Hold’em to other poker playing disciplines such as Omaha High-Low and Stud poker.

Together with some of the world’s most esteemed poker players such as WSOP* champion Freddy Deeb and veterans Mark Betor and Joe Awada, Shannon Elizabeth is rumored to be part of a team heralded as the dark horse of the upcoming World Team Poker tournament. Together, the players announced for Team Lebanon have scrapped up a total in poker tournament earnings of over $7.5 million. Other whisperings from inside the World Team Poker headquarters tell of a possible broadcast of the event on for poker enthusiasts to enjoy.

With an impressive line-up of the world’s best and the promise of riveting, skillful poker playing from all 16 teams representing, the rumoured presence of Shannon Elizabeth is sure to only add to the hype and fantastic poker playing this world tournament is promising.

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