What is Rakeback?

Posted on by RTR Susannah

Online poker sites are becoming increasingly popular for good reason: they pay out. For new card sharks however, some of the poker terms and jargon thrown around on online poker sites can be harder to see through then an opponent’s bluff. One term that can be very beneficial to understand is the almighty “rakeback.” By utilizing the knowledge of rakeback and how it can work for you, you could improve your game and winnings ten fold.

The definition of rakeback is the actual refund of a poker room (online or real) that has been charged from every player who joins the game. Rakeback is in essence the way that poker rooms make their money. In poker games players wage money against each other, not against the venue, so how can these virtual and tangible poker rooms stay afloat? Rakeback, that’s how. The simplest way to define rakeback is that it is similar to an entrance fee at a club or sporting event, essentially just guaranteed income for the poker venue.

Okay, so now you ask: How can rakeback work for you?

Rakeback creates a way for you to actually save on the costs of poker rake (your entrance fees). Basically, you register with an online affiliate who keeps track of the rake you pay and can offer you various promotions and deals to help lower the cost of your rake and increase the amount of your earnings, which is what everybody wants right? If you utilize rakeback effectively, you will become known in the poker circle as a rakeback pro. Basically, this means that while you might not always be a winning player (hey, we can’t all be winners every time), you are a skilled rakebacker and can therefore supplement your losses and actually turn them into winnings! So perhaps you can be a winner all the time.

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