PokerStars’ SCOOP gives away Millions

Posted on by RTR Susannah

Few online poker players ever get into the game with the mindset of ‘I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life grinding in $1 sit and go poker games.’ Most internet poker players are in the game because they want to win major cash, and this is why events like PokerStars’ Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) have been created.

So far, the 2010 SCOOP has given away over $63 million, which is more than the WSOP* Main Event! What’s great about this huge PokerStars event is that there are three different poker tournament buy-in levels for players with varying bankrolls. Holdem poker players with small bankroll can enter the low stakes buy-in tournaments, players with mid-level bankrolls can buy into the medium stakes tourneys, and the richer poker players can obviously play in the high stakes events.

And the high stakes tournaments are the ones that have made all of the poker news since players have been winning lots of cash through them. There were numerous big winners who topped the $200,000 mark throughout the first 20 days; “ags104” ($387,720, SCOOP Event #2) and “sms9231” ($380,364, SCOOP Event #20) were the two biggest winners during the first 20 tournaments. “mistakooll” ($245,164, SCOOP Event #23) and “Skammes” ($360,000, SCOOP Event #33) have also earned big money prior to the Main Event.

Of course, the biggest cashes are waiting in the Main Event where the low stakes tournament ($1 million guaranteed), the medium stakes event ($3 million guaranteed), and the high stakes tournament ($5 million guaranteed) are combining to offer a total of $8 million guaranteed. It seems like everyone who has been willing to learn how to play poker has jumped in these giant tournaments to create the huge prize pools. On top of all of this, players are also taking advantage of the VIP rakeback deals that PokerStars offers players so there is lots of cash floating around Stars right now.

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