How is Rakeback Calculated?

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Online poker sites and gaming rooms offer a variety of different promotions and methods for choosing the rakeback option that is best for your gaming needs. But, in order to actually choose the rakeback method that you can benefit from the most as a gamer, you have to first understand how rakeback is calculated. It’s easy to understand once you see it all laid out in front of you, if only poker matches were equally undisguised!

There are three basic methods for calculating rakeback:

The first method is through what is called dealt cards. It’s a pretty simple concept that if you are in a poker room and you have been dealt cards, you must have in someway contributed to the pot (or you wouldn’t be holding any cards). Now that you have contributed to the pot you are also allocated an equal proportion of the rakeback taken from all the players. Even if you get a bum hand and fold immediately, you’ve already been allocated your portion of the rakeback. This method of dealt cards is just one way of how rake can be calculated.

A second way in which rakeback is calculated is through the average contributed method. The average contributed method is fundamentally very similar to the dealt card method with just a few differences. In regards to the calculation, everything is the same. However, the difference here is that a player must actually contribute something to the pot. If you get dealt the worst hand ever and fold straight away without contributing anything to the pot, your rake consideration mirrors your contribution- $0.00. Average contributed rake calculations can be found in games such as UltimateBet, Absolute and Betfair.

The third and final way that rakeback is calculated is by the weight contributed method. Through the weight contributed method you are allocated the actual weighted portion of the pot on the table that you put in. This type of rate calculation is typical of games like Poker Heaven, Fortune and Carbon.

Each method is a little different and you can choose games with the rakeback calculation method you prefer. So, now that you’ve got all the rake calculation methods down, why not give it a know-it-all try.

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