Full Tilt Poker Mini WSOP* starts Soon

Posted on by RTR Susannah

The World Series of Poker* is the biggest casino poker event in the world since it offers millions of dollars.  Last year’s event offered over $180 million alone!  Unfortunately though, the average player doesn’t get the chance to compete in Las Vegas because they can’t afford the plane ticket and hotel accommodations – let alone the poker tournament buy-in.  But the good thing is that Full Tilt Poker is offering an alternative route for players who can’t afford to play in the real deal.

From May 28th until July 11th, Full Tilt Poker will be holding the Mini WSOP, which is basically the online poker version of the real World Series.  The Full Tilt Mini Series will feature 57 different tournaments with thousands of dollars up for grabs in each tourney.  Whoever plays their poker hands the best in each tournament will be walking away with lots of money in addition to a Full Tilt Poker champion’s watch (the Internet poker version of a gold bracelet).

There will also be a few different Main Events in the Full Tilt Series where the buy-in will be $500 (much less than the $10,000 buy-in you’d pay in Las Vegas).  Players can expect to find a wide variety of poker games offered in this Series since over 50 tournaments are scheduled.

All you really need to do to play in this event is do a quick poker download of Full Tilt.  Once you’ve completed the download and have made a deposit, you’ll be ready to start playing in the Series.  In addition to playing in these great poker tournaments, you will also have the chance to earn a bunch of rakeback cash in ring games.  As long as you’re a member of Full Tilt, you’ll be able to take advantage of their 27% rakeback deals.

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