Phil Laak wants to become Poker’s Iron Man

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Phil Laak, who is one of poker’s goofiest and most eccentric players, recently made poker news by announcing his plan to break the game’s endurance record.  To break the record for most hours spent at a poker table, Laak will have to outlast the old one set by casino poker player Paul Zimmer; Zimmer played an astounding 74 hours, 20 minutes, and 22 seconds in London’s Casino at the Empire – it’s a shame he wasn’t playing online poker where he could have earned lots of rakeback!

Interestingly enough, Laak will attempt to break the record during the course of the WSOP* when he begins playing poker hands on June 2nd.  As for the location of Laak’s prospective feat, he has chosen to play poker at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

Always one for jokes, the holdem poker pro discussed how he has readied himself for an attempt at the poker endurance record by saying, “For what it’s worth this training did not come from some secret military training manual or anything. I came up with all of this on my own. It may sound like a crackpot sort of training regimen but to be honest… every time I look at it, it seems genius.”

Phil Laak is best known as a poker tournament specialist and he’s earned almost $2 million in live winnings during his playing days.  But most of Laak’s popularity in the game has come away from the table since he is well known for his antics.  He started the WSOP* off last year by wearing a mask, wig, and full costume before poker rules were made stating he was no longer allowed to do so.  Laak’s girlfriend Jennifer Tilly is also quite popular in the poker world since she is not only an actress, but also an accomplished player herself.

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