Mortenson Takes World Poker Tour Championship

Posted on by RTR Susannah

The World Poker Tour is becoming known as a playing ground where a player can make a name for themselves. This year, Carlos Mortenson was the player who took the open stage. Mortenson has been considered an excellent player for some time now but set his reputation in stone when he walked away with a victory at the World Poker Tour’s Hollywood Poker Open in the $10,000 no limit hold’em championship event. A seasoned player already, this win is another that Mortenson can rack up with his previous two victories and WPT titles from the Festa al Lago World Poker Tour tournament in 2004 and the World Poker Tour championship event held in 2007.

The World Poker Tour event, while gaining in popularity draws much fewer numbers of players than other comparable Poker Tours and events. Last year the turnout was slightly under 150 players. This is the first tournament of this kind to be held in the Midwest region of the United States and therefore may have been drawing from a playing field of contestants who still had slightly cold feet. Surely after witnessing Mortenson’s win they will be more than ready to try their hand at the next event.

Mortenson found himself battling it out for the championship head to head with Mike Mustafa at the final table. The two-on-two crusade carried on for over two hours with neither player going full on in until Mortenson, with an 8-7 off-suit on a flop of 10-9-6 came out with a straight. Mustafa gave the call with a 10-9 for two pair and was wiped out when two blanks were given on the turn and on the river. This hand doubled Mortenson up to a near 4 million in chips. Mortenson ended up going home with just under 4 million and the World Poker Tour Title.

Are you excited to play a little poker yet? Nothing can be more motivating to play a few hands than a great victory story. With a little practice and some experience under your belt, you could be the next World Poker Tour Champion.

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