China wins World Team Poker Event

Posted on by RTR Susannah

Team China played their poker hands better than anyone else and earned the honor of winning the inaugural World Team Poker event at the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas.  Perhaps more important than the honor was the fact that China took home $300,000 for winning the international poker tournament

The winning holdem poker team consisted of Maria Ho, Johnny Chan, Rich Zhu, David Chiu, Winifred Yu, Derek Cheung, and Chau Giang.  Other teams that competed in the poker games at World Team Poker included Brazil, USA, England, Vietnam, Greece, Australia, and Israel. 

What made World Team Poker really fun to watch was the fact that the team captains could give advice to their players, and even use a little poker strategy by substituting players.

In regards to the format of the texas poker event, players from each team were spread throughout the Round One tables, and the top two players from each table moved on to the final table.  In the end, only five teams had representation on the final table because the United States, Israel, and England had all of their six players knocked out of the tourney before the final table. 

Vietnam was the first team to be eliminated from the final table while Australia was the second team to go.  Tony G was the last player for Australia and he thought his poker odds were pretty good with trips 6’s; he was wrong though as Greece drew a full house to knock him and Australia out of the tournament.

But Greece didn’t have long to celebrate since they were the next team to be knocked out of the tourney setting up a heads-up match between Brazil and China. 10-time WSOP bracelet winner Johnny Chan proved he still knows how to play poker at a high level as he drew a full house to eliminate Brazil and capture the title for China.

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