Doyles Room holds Beer Pong Invitational

Posted on by RTR Victoria

Proving that beer pong isn’t just for drunk college students, Doyles Room sponsored the third annual Doyle Brunson Beer Pong Invitational.  The Beer Pong Invitational was held in Downtown Las Vegas at the Hogs and Heifers bar, and it featured 64 of the world’s best live and online poker players. 

The first round of the beer pong tournament was very eventful because Doyle Brunson himself graced the tables.  Brunson played beer pong almost as well as he plays poker hands since he and Zachary “CrazyZachary” Clark defeated Dave Walker and Jason “JaspudUF” Lee in the opening round. 

Doyle wasn’t the only Brunson winning in the first round since casino poker star Todd Brunson also won alongside his teammate Brett “Gank” Jungblut.  Other notable first round winning teams were internet poker player Steve “gboro780” Gross and Hoyt Corkins as well as Erick Lindgren and Erica Schoenberg. 

The most notable first round losers were Shaun Deeb and Allie Prescott; the team eventually won the award for Best Trash Talkers, and Deeb individually won the Worst Loser award after almost getting thrown out of the bar for arguing with a tournament official.

In the second round, Doyle Brunson continued his miracle march through the beer pong event as him and Clark won again to advance to the quarterfinals.  Unfortunately, the holdem poker pros run would end in the quarterfinals when Clark accidentally drank a beer off the table that he wasn’t supposed to.  Not even Brunson’s generous 33% rakeback offer could save him from disqualification after tournament officials saw Clark drink the beer.

The finals featured Full Tilt Poker Pro Amanda Baker and Shawn Patrick Green pitted against Leo Murphy and Tony “Bond18” Dunst.  Dunst and Murphy were able to grab an early lead on “The Final Table”, and they never relinquished this lead on their way to winning the championship.

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