Ladbrokes opens Poker Points Shop

Posted on by RTR Rachel

In the past, the best usage for poker points at Ladbrokes was to enter a poker tournament for free.  And while it’s still great to use your points to enter free poker tournaments, Ladbrokes has unraveled an entirely new usage for the poker points they award. 

That’s because they have just opened up a Ladbrokes Poker Points Shop where people can purchase lots of great merchandise.  And while you might think that the only thing you’ll be able to get at the Ladbrokes poker shop is a couple of t-shirts or poker chip sets, the reality is that you can get all kinds of prizes. 

Included among the slew of prizes that you can get at Ladbrokes are poker books, watches, fitness equipment, sports gear, video games, household items, Harley Davidson motorcycles, expensive electronics, and even a Lamborghini.  The Poker Points Shop at Ladbrokes is practically like visiting a huge mall – except for the fact that it’s at an online poker room!

If the wide selection of items you can purchase from Ladbrokes Poker isn’t enough, you can always email them to suggest new things they can offer at the internet poker shop.  Of course, you’d be hard-pressed not to find something of interest in this giant points shop.

To get started on your way towards earning points in poker games so you can purchase great stuff, you just need to do the poker download for Ladbrokes.  When you’ve downloaded the poker software, you will be on your way to earning lots of points while playing your poker hands.  Even more important than the points and the Ladbrokes shop is the fact that you can earn excellent rewards while you play at the poker tables here.  The great deals at Ladbrokes are just an added incentive to sign up and start playing.

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