PokerStars sponsoring Isle of Man Motorcycle Race

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PokerStars has announced that they will be sponsoring one of the biggest motorcycle races of the year.  The race that PokerStars will be sponsoring is called the 2010 TT Races Superbike Race, and it’s held on the Isle of Man.  It certainly makes sense that the world’s largest online poker room would sponsor a motorcycle race on the Isle of Man since PokerStars is also based here.

In addition to sponsoring the Superbike Race, PokerStars also made poker news by announcing that they would become the official sponsor of TT Races.  This isn’t the first foray into the motorcycle racing world for Stars though because the holdem poker site has also sponsored the Superstock, Supersport, and Senior TT races in 2007 as well as the Senior TT in 2009.

In addition to backing TT Races, the internet poker site also sponsors individual racers like Conor Cummins who took 2nd place in the 2009 PokerStars Senior TT.  Cummins holds the current record for being the fastest TT racer in the world, and is a favorite in the 2010 TT Races Superbike Race. 

Geoff Corkish, who heads the Isle of Man Tourism sector, is extremely excited about PokerStars sponsoring the TT race as he said, “PokerStars has made a truly significant contribution to the TT Races since its arrival on the Isle of Man, and their welcome support has enabled us to improve many aspects of the running of the event.  We look forward to a long and successful partnership with the company.”

Besides the actual race, PokerStars is also looking to recognize individuals who’ve helped them stage the 2010 TT Races Superbike Race.  Stars will give an award called the “Spirit of TT”, and it will be given to the local individual who exhibits selflessness, leadership, respect, and innovation during the running of the race.  Corkish and others will be judging who the winner of this award will be.

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