Take Your Winnings Home the Right Way.

Earlier this year, masked gunmen robbed the EPT Berlin tournament series. The robbers, who were later identified, were able go make off with over $300,000 from the EPT Berlin tournament funds. Apparently, immediately after making off with the money the criminals divided it amongst themselves and went their separate ways. This is not to say that they wouldn’t meet up again, but later it would be in much less desirable conditions behind a view of metal bars.

The four robbers were identified by police and their pictures were released to the public. Names of the criminals were also released as Ahmad el-Awayti, 20 years old; Vedat S, a 21 year-old from Turkey, Jihad Chetwie, a 19 year-old from Germany and Mustafa Ucarkus, a 20 year-old from Turkey.

Vedat S was the first of the four robbers to turn himself in to the police. His conscience must have got the best of him and it was clear he wouldn’t be able to stay hidden for long. He was the one driving the getaway car and since being detained is now agreeing to cooperate with the police.

Ahmad el-Awayti also found himself with a guilty conscience and turned himself in only a few days later. Police officers were stationed at subway stations to keep an eye out for the suspect when he walked right up to them and turned himself in.

The other two suspects have yet to be apprehended but with the cooperation of Vedat S and Ahmad el-Awayti, their fate surely doesn’t look good.

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