Ultimate Bet is asking Players to come up with Crazy Bets

Posted on by RTR Rachel

Lots of players make crazy and unusual prop bets during the World Series of Poker.  In fact, many of these prop bets make poker news since they command so much attention from the poker world.  And Ultimate Bet is looking for plenty more of these high profile bets through their “Craziest Last Longer Bet” promo. 

The way this promotion works is that UB internet poker players will get the opportunity to come up with original ideas for proposition bets.  And whoever comes up with the best prop bet will get to make the wager via Ultimate Bet’s bank account.

To get involved in the Craziest Last Longer Bet, you need to be an Ultimate Bet member and make a short video that explains your proposed prop wager.  The prop bet could involve just about anything such as making a fellow online poker player have to drink a gallon of milk in a day if they lose.  The key is that the bet needs to be original, interesting, and crazy enough for Ultimate Bet.  Once your video has been created, simply upload it to YouTube.com and use the tag “Our video for the www.UB.com last longer bet.”

When your video is created, you can send it into UB and hope that it gets selected as one of the top 10 videos.  If the video is selected, those who play poker at UB will vote on your video as well as the other 9.  The best one will be selected as the prop bet that Ultimate Bet will cover the expenses for.  This isn’t all though because Ultimate Bet will also give the two players involved in the prop bet a $1,500 prize package for Event #54 of the WSOP.

In addition to this, you will also be able to take advantage of the excellent rakeback deals that are offered daily at Ultimate Bet.

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