Chris “Jesus” Ferguson.The Producer?

Several professional poker players have had forays into the land of Hollywood with PokerStars pro Daniel Negreanu (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) and Full Tilt Poker rep Erik Seidel (Curb Your Enthusiasm) being the latest.  Chris “Jesus” Ferguson is also very interested in joining the circle of online poker players who’ve ventured into Hollywood.  Only Ferguson is looking to do his work behind the scenes and hopes to actually make movies.

This is new territory for a holdem poker player, but Ferguson is indeed serious about this venture, and he’s already teamed up with RCR Pictures to make this dream happen.  RCR Pictures is ran by acclaimed producer Robin Schorr and the company is looking to do both TV and movie projects.

With an Internet poker sensation like Chris Ferguson on board, you would expect the company to be eying the poker film industry right away.  However, movies about poker games aren’t on the radar for RCR Pictures as of now since they’re focused on doing a remake of the Steve McQueen film “Nevada Smith.”  And this movie is the farthest thing from a poker film as it’s about a man who seeks revenge after his parents are murdered.

Of course, a project about either online or casino poker is definitely in the future because Schorr said, “My approach starts with a love of writers and underlying material, and it made sense to them that if you own great stories and scripted material, a lot of amazing movies and television projects can grow from that.  And yes….I would love to find a poker movie.”

But for now, Schorr, Ferguson, and fellow partner Ray Bitar, the focus is on making quality movies until that poker project comes along.  But that’s not to rule out the possibility that a scene where people are playing poker hands could be fit into the remake of Nevada Smith…..especially with Ferguson around.

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