PokerStars buys 3 Huge Poker Websites

PokerStars has become king of the online poker room world through its brilliant advertising campaigns and rakeback deals. However, PokerStars is anything but complacent since they bought three of the biggest poker sites in the industry in,, and

The biggest purchase in PokerStars’ acquisition is, which is a massive site full of holdem poker advice. PokerPages began back in 2000 when its owners envisioned a site that not only offered tons of poker strategy, but also an extensive backlog of tournament results. This vision slowly became a reality since PokerPages featured information dating as far back as the 1970’s, and had numerous Internet poker pros writing for the site such as Kenna James, T.J. Cloutier, and Mike Paulle.

Unfortunately for, their success began to wind down in 2009, and they eventually stopped posting new content. Of course, the owners kept PokerPages up while they waited for someone to purchase it. That buyer has finally come in the form of the world’s largest poker room.

Moving along, another big website in this purchase is, which was created by poker pro Shirley Rosario. As the name implies, PokerBabes does feature plenty of info about….well, poker babes. But the site also has lots of useful articles that teach people how to play poker.

The third website in the deal is the aforementioned Now this is a really interesting site because its creation came as a result of a famous poker book called “The Winner’s Guide to Online Poker.” The book was written by Steve Badger, and it was one of the first books that taught people specifically how to play poker online. Because of the enormous success of the book, PlayWinningPoker was established to discuss the various strategy aspects of The Winner’s Guide to Online Poker.

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