Brian Townshend will be next Opponent in Dwan Challenge

Over the past year, the world of high stakes online poker has been dominated with talks of the Dwan Challenge.  Tom “durrrr” Dwan, who is quite possibly the most prolific high stakes player at Full Tilt Poker (if not in all of Internet poker), has been taking on Patrik Antonius in a lengthy heads-up match.  The challenge was set to last 50,000 hands, and it should be coming to an end soon; Dwan will get an extra $500k if he wins while Antonius will earn $1.5 million for the win.

When the challenge does end, Dwan has stated that his next opponent will be another high stakes pro by the name of Brian Townshend.  Townshend primarily participates in cash poker games and rarely ventures into the poker tournament scene.  Through his specialization, Townshend has become one of the top texas holdem players and leading rakeback earners at Full Tilt. 

But with Townshend’s success has also come plenty of controversy since it was discovered that he was multi-tabling for a while at Full Tilt.  Townshend used a different name to drop down in stakes and play poker so as to avoid attention.  Even more scandalous than this though is that Townshend colluded with Cole South and Brian Hastings to defeat flash-in-the-pan high stakes player “Isildur1”.  After the players exchanged hand histories on Isildur1’s play, he lost millions to the trio before quitting online poker.

Controversy aside, there shouldn’t be any cheating involved between Dwan and Townshend since the two players already know each other’s games well.  Neither will be learning to play poker against each other since they’ve already squared off, and it should be a good matchup.  Dwan says this should be a quick matchup as he said, “With Brian, there will be days when we’ll probably play 5,000 hands. With Patrik, we didn’t really have any of those days. It’s possible we could get it done in six weeks.”

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