Poker Players Alliance offers Interesting iPhone Application

Posted on by RTR Rachel

The Poker Players Alliance, which is the biggest lobbying organization for online poker, recently unveiled a new iPhone application that costs just $0.99.  Unlike many other poker-related iPhone programs, the application offered by the PPA has nothing to do with playing poker games or teaching people poker strategy.  Instead, this iPhone program was created with the intention of promoting internet poker worldwide, and convincing governments in countries such as the United States to pass favorable poker laws.

Some features of the PPA’s new iPhone app is that it alerts players about starting times for various poker tournaments, delivers messages from pro poker player Twitter accounts, and offers the latest poker news.  You may even find some great rakeback deals by using this iPhone program!  One more important feature of the application is that it allows people to contact US government officials and lobby for better poker legislation.  

To get this $0.99 application, you need to do a search for the Poker Players Alliance and complete the poker download once you find it.  While you’re downloading the poker software, you will notice that it’s only 2.1 MB, which really saves room on one’s iPhone.  When the download is finished, you will be able to browse through the various sections such as News, Tweets, Contact Congress, and the Poker Tournament Schedule.

The tournament schedule is especially important because you will be able to find out when different online and casino poker events take place.  This beats having to sift through every online poker room just to find out the information you need.  If you need help to learn how to play poker or find some poker training, you can look for other poker-related applications on the iPhone.  This is also a great way to find online poker deals that will earn you lots of money.

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