Perez Hilton Accuses Shannon Elizabeth of Running Illegal Poker Games

Flamboyant blogger Perez Hilton has made quite a career out of running questionable news stories about celebrities.  And his latest story involves actress Shannon Elizabeth and her alleged illegal home poker games

Elizabeth, who became infamous for playing a foreign exchange student named Nadia in  the movie American Pie, has become more and more involved in casino poker over the past few years.  She has cashed four times in the WSOP*, and she also managed to take 3rd place in the 2007 NBC National Heads-Up Championship poker tournament; this earned her $125,000.

According to Hilton, Shannon Elizabeth’s love of casino and online poker has spilled over into her home life where she is taking rake from games and not awarding any rakeback.  Hilton’s story is all based on an anonymous email including an excerpt that read, “we at first think it’s really a treat to be playing poker with her, but it turns out she’s not even playing, she’s just coming in and out and collecting money from people and taking an illegal rake for the house.”

The nameless holdem poker player’s rant continued by reading, “One pot I was in had only $70 dollars in it, but the dealer took $25 dollars out for the house…..? Anyone who plays poker knows this is nuts.”

The email that made poker news finished up by slandering Elizabeth with the following, “she’s so busted apparently that she has to rip poker players off with her D-List status and rob us blind at the poker tables by raking way too much.”

As of now, there is no proof this incident occurred other than the anonymous email that Hilton posted.  However, this does seem like enough to make Shannon Elizabeth want to stay home and collect rakeback deals by playing internet poker in the future.


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