Play Worst Hand to win Big at Ultimate Bet

Of all the poker hands you could be dealt, 7-2 is no doubt the worst one. This is something that everyone finds out as soon as they learn to player poker.  But Ultimate Bet is putting an offer on the table that will make it pretty hard to fold 7-2 next time it’s dealt to you. 

Ultimate Bet is offering side jackpots to players who can win a pot with the worst hand in online poker at their “Seven Deuce” poker tables.  To get started with this extremely fun promotion, you just need to visit the lobby in the UB poker software and look for the Seven Deuce tables.  Before sitting down at the poker table, you need to contribute money to the side jackpot.  Don’t worry about losing money if you choose to leave because the cash will be returned provided somebody doesn’t win the side jackpot. 

Assuming you can take down a pot with a 7-2 hand, you will be hauling in all of the side bet money.  Even if you don’t manage to win a pot, you’ll get to use lots of poker strategy since there is so much bluffing taking place at the Seven Deuce tables. 

Aside from all of this, you will also be reaping the benefits of the 30% rakeback deals that Ultimate Bet Poker offers.  All you need to do to earn the 30% in rakeback is play lots of poker games; the more you play, the more rakeback cash you will receive.  Plus Ultimate Bet has great online poker deals every month so you will never be left searching through other online poker rooms just to find a big poker tournament or promotion. 

All that’s left for you to do is complete the poker download and start playing at the Seven Deuce tables.

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