RakeTheRake shows you how to win or lose $80 million in September!

Posted on by RTR George

How to blow 80 million in 6 secondsAnother method to gain some extra cash is to follow in the footsteps of Van Halen legend Sammy Hagar who sold 80% of his tequila brand, Cabo Wabo, netting him a cool $80 million dollars in one afternoon.

Alternately, if blowing cash is more your style, here’s a way to burn through $80 million dollars in just 6 seconds. An oversight by the crew means they overshoot the aircraft carrier deck and crash the plane in the ocean.

If you don’t aspire to either losing or gaining $80 million dollars, then just ensure you get something back from your poker game. Poker cashback, or rakeback, gives you something back from every game, win or lose. A good rakeback deal is free to join and can be worth thousands of dollars a year.

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