Phil Ivey wins 8th Bracelet; doesn’t realize he won $329k

Posted on by RTR Rachel

By the time the average person makes $329,780, they will have spent over a decade at a dead-end job, went through two minivans, and have spent countless hours worrying about whether or not they can still afford satellite TV.  Full Tilt Poker pro Phil Ivey, on the other hand, can earn $329,780 and not even realize it.

Now this scenario might sound a little far-fetched, but this actually happened to Ivey in a $3,000 H.O.R.S.E. poker tournament.  Ivey was fresh off making poker news by winning his 8th WSOP bracelet, which ties him with Erik Seidel for fifth on the all-time list.  Along with the gold bracelet, Ivey also earned the handsome sum of $329,780, which is enough to fun most online poker players’ bankrolls for years to come.  But truth be told, Ivey didn’t even realize he’d won that much until someone told him while he was posing for pictures.

For Phil Ivey, $329,780 is only equal to one of the larger pots that he’s used to playing for every day in high stakes internet poker.  In fact, Ivey probably collects far more than this amount in rakeback every month at Full Tilt Poker.  The prestige was more important to Ivey since he has now inched closer to Ultimate Bet pro Phil Hellmuth who’s the all-time leader in WSOP bracelets with 11.

Even more important than the bracelet record is the fact that Ivey has moved closer to winning a $5 million prop bet against professional holdem poker player Howard Lederer.  The bet is that Phil will win $5 million if he’s able to earn 2 gold bracelets in three years; he is already halfway to that goal.  And he is definitely more than halfway to winning 12 bracelets and being known as the best casino poker player ever.

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