Ted Forrest and Mike Matusow make $2 Million Weight Loss Prop Bet

In one of the biggest prop bets in history, poker tournament pros Ted Forrest and Mike “The Mouth” Matusow have made a huge wager that has Matusow on the hook for $2 million.  The details of the bet are that Forrest must weight 139 pounds by July 15th to win $2 million.  If the famous holdem poker player doesn’t weigh 139 pounds by July 15th, he can still make $1 million assuming he weighs 139 pounds by September 15th.

If he can’t get down to 139 pounds by either of the aforementioned dates, Forrest will have to give Full Tilt Poker pro Mike Matusow $150,000.  Considering that it’s almost the middle of May and Forrest weighs in at a muscular 188 pounds, this will be a difficult bet for him to win.  However, if the 5-time WSOP* gold bracelet winner can learn how to lose weight like he learned how to play poker hands, he should be alright.

Plus this is not Forrest’s first time in a weight loss prop bet; he and Matusow made a weight loss bet in 2007, but Matusow was the one who had to drop the weight.  The Mouth needed to drop from 241 pounds down to 181 pounds in one year to win $100,000.  The Internet poker pro was able to lose 52 pounds before going on a cruise with his girlfriend.

At this time, Matusow wanted Forrest to take a payoff for $70,000 to end the bet away from the poker table, but Forrest declined.  Matusow ended up gaining 7 more pounds on the cruise, which left him 15 pounds over the limit with only nine days left to lose the weight.  Incredibly, The Mouth made poker news by losing 15 pounds in 9 days to win the wager and the $100,000.  Matusow rarely ate and stayed in the Jacuzzi for most of the 9 days to lose the extra weight.

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