PokerStars signs Argentinean Footballer Juan Sebastian Verón

PokerStars has made a number of interesting signings over the past year including former Seinfeld star Jason Alexander, rapper Nelly, and baseball player Orel Hershiser.  And you can add one more interesting signing to PokerStars’ growing list of online poker players since they recently signed Argentina football player Juan Sebastian Verón to their roster.

Verón has been a football star since 1994, and he has played a big part in Argentina’s run through the World Cup so far.  Away from the field, the two-time South American Player of the Year will also be pivotal to PokerStars’ campaign to promote internet poker in Latin America.  PokerStars has already held several casino poker events in Latin American through their ever-popular LAPT organization.

The world’s biggest online poker room was elated to add Verón as managing director of PokerStars Latin America Sarne Lightman said, “It is truly a pleasure for us to have Verón as an Ambassador for  His sporting and competitive spirit embodies the values of our brand and we feel very proud that this great soccer player decided to represent the number one poker site in the world.”

Verón’s signing comes at a time when poker games are really starting to take off in Argentina.  The LAPT is a big reason for the rise in popularity – especially since PokerStars is going to be holding the LAPT Grand Final in Argentina.  Having one of the world’s best football players promoting holdem poker will no doubt make poker even more popular in Argentina. 

As more and more Argentineans take notice of online poker, they will get to take advantage of the excellent VIP deals that PokerStars offer.  Some of the best PokerStars players get as much as an 80% return!  This is of course in addition to the other great online poker deals that PokerStars offer.

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