Poker Champion has High Speed Chase with Robbers who stole His Winnings

Posted on by RTR Victoria

As if there aren’t already enough reasons to stay home and play online poker while collecting rakeback money, one more reason is the fact that people can’t rob you at gunpoint right after you win lots of cash at the cyber poker tables.

That’s exactly what happened to Thomas Gigliotti after he won over $4,000 by playing casino poker at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida.  The Gigliotti’s believe that they were followed home to Plantation, Florida by bandits after winning the $4k.  The couple went home after playing poker games at the casino for several hours only to be surprised by somebody running through their front lawn.

When Thomas and Josephine Gigliotti pulled into their driveway, two masked men ran up to the car.  74 year-old Thomas said, “I could see the barrel of his gun right at my window.   And I’m trying to start the truck.  I’m trying to put the keys in, but I’m nervous.”  The bandits obviously weren’t very good at texas poker since they resorted to robbing a couple in their early 70’s. 

After seeing the gun, Thomas Gigliotti got out of the car, and the robbers kicked him to the ground.  Gigliotti was probably hoping he didn’t use poker strategy and win so much money at this point because the robbers took his $4,000 along with credit cards and a cell phone. 

The gunmen even thought of killing Thomas at one point as he said, “I thought this was it.”  Gigliotti went on to say one of the gunmen yelled, “Shoot him! Shoot him!”  But they didn’t shoot him, and Gigliotti jumped into his Lincoln Navigator as the gunmen drove away.

Proving to be just as resilient as he was while winning lots of cash at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino poker room, Thomas chased the bandits through the streets of Plantation.  Gigliotti said, “This chase was one of the greatest chases you’ve ever seen.  They went right, left. They made their mistake when they went on the straightaway.” 

It was here where Thomas Gigliotti caught up to the robber and slammed into their car, causing them to crash into a median.  Unfortunately, the bandits ran away, but Gigliotti did get some form of revenge.  He also learned an important lesson: stick to internet poker!

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