Full Tilt Poker is running Rush Poker Promotion

Posted on by RTR Victoria

The Full Tilt Poker promotion Rush Poker is already one of the hottest things in online poker today.  But Full Tilt is looking to make Rush Poker even more enticing by holding “Rush Week” from July 12th to July 18th. 

Now business will be usual for internet poker grinders who play Rush Poker since they’ll still be moved from table to table as soon as they make a decision.  But the big difference is that players will be earning extra cash on the side while they play poker.  People can collect $5 as soon as they earn 10 Full Tilt Points on four separate days during Rush Week. 

Now a $5 bonus isn’t anything to get excited about, which is why one of Full Tilt’s newest online poker deals gives out even higher prizes as people keep playing.  Players who earn 100 Full Tilt Points on four different days during Rush Week will haul in a $25 bonus; those who earn 100 FTP’s per day throughout the entire week will make $50.  If you really get to playing poker hands during this week, you have a chance to earn the top prize of $250.  To earn this amount, you simply need to collect 1,000 FTP’s on all seven days of Rush Week.

Now 1,000 points might sounds like a massive amount for one day, but you’ve also got to consider that Rush Poker offers the fastest poker tables in the game.  People usually get in 300 hands an hour with this extremely quick version of holdem poker

On top of the cash bonuses, you’ll also be taking advantage of the 27% rakeback deals that Full Tilt gives out to its players.  Assuming you know a little poker strategy as well, you will be earning some major cash during Full Tilt’s Rush Week.

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