Phil Hellmuth has another Grand WSOP Entrance; Brunson takes Jab

Posted on by RTR Rachel

Ultimate Bet player Phil Hellmuth has a penchant for grand entrances.  Last year Hellmuth dressed in a military uniform while being escorted by 11 scantily-clad women – one for each of his poker tournament gold bracelets.  And while Hellmuth has been busy promoting the excellent 30% rakeback deals that UB offers, he still made time for yet another grand WSOP Main Event entrance.
This year, Hellmuth showed up dressed as a mixed martial arts fighter along with world famous announcer Bruce Buffer.  Hellmuth entered the poker table area from a stage as Buffer bellowed out, “He’s loved by many, hated by many, and admired by everyone.  And now……i-i-i-i-t’s time!”
Both fans and people who play poker in the WSOP tend to like Hellmuth’s over-the-top entrances as he’s also been Julius Caesar and a NASCAR driver in the past.  However, Doyle Brunson is one person who is apparently annoyed with the act as he sent a Twitter message that said, “’I’m glad I’m not playing today so I won’t see Hellmuth make a fool out of himself with his entrance. I can’t help thinking it’s terrible!”
The Doyles Room icon and Hellmuth are normally on pretty good terms so the Tweet baffled Hellmuth who wanted to get a hold of Brunson to solve the problem.  Phil definitely wasn’t contacting Brunson to inquire about the 33% rakeback offers at Doyles Room when he called; instead, he wanted to prevent any drama.
Regarding the situation, Hellmuth told USA Today, “I love Doyle Brunson.  We go out drinking sometimes…..I called him up this morning. I said, ‘C’mon Doyle, you and I, we’re not the kind of people that make fun of other people.’  It was just a little strong.  He said, ‘Alright, you’re right.’”
Now that the drama has ended, the two holdem poker players can get back to what they do best: promote online poker deals and play poker hands.

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