Glasgow Rangers grabbed foothold for the Scottish Premier Football League Trophy

After winning 3 – 1 over Aberdeen on Wednesday 7th April the Glasgow Rangers had something to distract them from the reputation of renegade goal keeper Alan McGreggor, who made headlines again earlier in the year.

McGreggor raised eyebrows by playing online poker throughout the duration of a two hour questioning by police detectives following a case of assault against him. McGregor was attacked outside a taxi rank on Bath Street in Glasgow city centre whilst making his way home from Kushion Night Club. He was allegedly leaving a party he had been attending for a Celtic player and friend when three men jumped him and left him bruised and battered and with a swollen face and injured back. 

McGreggor, being no stranger to controversy, had already spent a spell being banned from the Scottish national team for indulging in a late night boozing spree. He is also notorious for making rude gestures at photographers and was accused of harassing model and poker player enthusiast, Kellyann Heffernan.

Yet in spite of the grave injuries he received that night and his impressive resume of transgressions, McGreggor found the online poker tables far more riveting than aiding justice, making one wonder just what kind of winning streak or poker tournament he must have been enjoying on that day. Various reports claim the CID officials to have been stumped at his lack of interest in reporting what had happened to him, despite having been beaten black and blue.

McGreggor bounced back after this curious incident in his performance with the Scottish Rangers against Aberdeen on Wednesday resulting in a 3 – 1 win and an opening in the race towards winning the Scottish Premier League. You’ve got to give credit to Alan McGreggor: despite a controversial reputation, he wins his football matches, and apparently, his poker games as well.

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