Balkan Poker Festival Seats at PokerStars

Posted on by RTR Rachel

Just because the WSOP is over with doesn’t mean that there aren’t still plenty of great casino poker events going on.  PokerStars is making sure of this as they are sponsoring a huge event this year called the Balkan Poker Festival.  Much like any other PokerStars event, the Balkan Poker Festival is going to offer lots of cash since over 200 players are expected to play in the Main Event.  But for once, poker tournament players might be interested in the host city of Varna, Bulgaria more than they are in the actual money.

That’s because Varna, which is located on the Black Sea, is considered to be one of Bulgaria’s most beautiful cities.  As soon as one takes a look at the sandy beaches and thick forests of Varna, they might never want to spend another hour playing online poker again…..well, the rakeback will probably draw them back eventually though.

Besides the beauty of Varna, players will also love the location of the Balkan Poker Festival because it’s held at the Grand Hotel Casino International.  The poker room here is the largest in the country, and you’ll get to see plenty more of those sandy beaches since the room offers some great sea views.  And for the holdem poker players who like to party, there are plenty of bars both in and out of the Grand Hotel Casino International.

If playing in the Balkan Poker Festival sounds like a dream, perhaps you should download the poker software from PokerStars and start playing for a Main Event prize package.  The prize packages cover the Main Event buy-in of €990, and the travel and hotel accommodations during your five-night stay in Varna.  Both satellites and qualifiers for the prize packages are being offered right now so all you have to do is play poker.

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