PokerStars Women’s League is just for the Ladies

Posted on by RTR Rachel

Now that cross-dressing men have taken to raiding ladies-only casino poker events, many women are wondering where they can play poker.  Luckily, PokerStars has taken it upon themselves to provide an answer for ladies everywhere with their brand new Women’s Poker League.

The Women’s Poker League gives ladies around the world a chance to compete in poker games just for women.  These ladies-only tournaments run every day and the buy-ins start at just $5.50.  Whenever you enter one of these tournaments, you’ll earn points in the Women’s Poker League standings.  The women who earn the most points in this league will win cash or even a prize package to a land-based poker tournament.

The first place winner of each month will pocket $300 while 2nd through 5th will earn between $200 and $60; the top 50 places will all earn some sort of cash prize.  The female who plays their poker hands the best and accumulates the most points by the end of the year will receive a $1,500 prize package to a land-based ladies tournament.  2nd through third place will all receive between $1,000 and $300 while everybody in the top 50 of the yearly leaderboard will earn cash.

To get started in the Women’s Poker League, you should complete the poker download of PokerStars and start looking in the lobby for the tourneys.  Daily tournaments run at 9:00 pm ET, and the buy-in to play in these is $5.50; the $55 Sunday ladies tournament starts at 9:10 pm ET.

As long as you take part in a women’s-only holdem poker tournament, you earn 1 point for the leaderboard.  If you’re able to cash in one of these tournaments, you’ll receive between 5 and 20 points (depending on the finish).  So basically, you want to play as many of these online poker tournaments as possible so you can win an extra cash prize – or even the $1,500 prize package!

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