The Gaming Crowd Joins Forces to Help Those in Need

When you lose that big game and watch the pot get turned over to your arch nemeses poker rival it might feel like the end of the world, but in reality all of us in the poker circle know this is nothing compared to the challenges and obstacles that others find themselves facing. The horrifically powerful earthquake that struck Haiti earlier this year was way more devastating to many living in the area than the loss of a poker match could ever be. Celebrities, organizations, and volunteer groups from all over the world have joined forces to raise funds to help those affected by the tragedy and some of the gaming divisions best poker sites have also joined the cause.

Following the devastating quake several poker rooms instigated fundraisers promising such features as matching any donation made by poker playing customers. This way, poker players could give to the cause knowing that their donation would be met unconditionally. Players give, the gaming rooms match, simple as that. The figures that piled up were jackpot worthy indeed, Full Tilt Poker received approximately $264,000 donations from players, which when matched rose to an awesome $528,000 in donations to the earthquake victims. Poker Stars also received approximately $475,000 from players and a match of $475,000 from the poker room bringing the take-away pot to an impressive $950,000.

This jackpot was one that players and sponsors alike could both feel happy about handing over. Nobody likes feeling like they’ve lost everything, but there is a big difference between losing everything at the table and really losing everything. The success of these donations programs really looks well upon the gaming crowd and gaming establishments. It’s good to know that when people are really in need, even those holding the best hands are willing to fold and hand over the pot to those who need it the most.

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