Turn $1 to $2,000 through Carbon’s Snakes and Ladders

Posted on by RTR Rachel

While the board game Snakes and Ladders may be ridiculously outdated, it is just coming into style at Carbon Poker.  That’s because Carbon is running a new online poker promotion called Snakes and Ladders where players can turn a single dollar into $2,000!

At this point, you might be wondering just how in the world it’s possible to win $2,000 with just $1.  Well the Snakes and Ladders promotion offers seven tiers, and as internet poker players climb the tiers by winning, they inch closer and closer to the aforementioned $2,000 mark. 

Your path to winning major cash through Snakes and Ladders starts at the first level in a $1.10 sit and go poker tournament; if you manage to finish in first or second place, you’ll advance to the next level.  Even if you don’t finish in first or second, you can still stay at the same level by finishing in third, fourth, or fifth place.  As you progress up the ladder in these poker games, your finish needs to be higher or you’ll fall down the ladder.  For example, at the second tier, fifth place finishers have to play poker at the first level again.

The prizes are huge for anybody who can keep climbing the ladder and on towards lots of cash.  As mentioned before, the first place winner at the seventh tier takes home $2,000 while second and third place pocket $1,250 and $750.  Fourth place on the seventh tier will earn $500, fifth place receives $295, and sixth place earns $220.  Even the lower finishers at the seventh tier will simply fall back down the ladder and have a chance to climb it again.

Finding the Snakes and Ladders sit and go’s is easy since you just need to download the poker software at Carbon, and look in the satellites section for these tourneys.  You’ll not only have the opportunity to climb the ladder towards $2,000, but you can also take advantage of the 35% rakeback deals at Carbon Poker.

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