Become Carbon Poker’s Tourney King and win Major Money

Lots of people are already winning major cash in the big tournaments and free poker events at Carbon Poker.  However, Carbon is looking to give away even more money in their Tourney King promotion.

What’s great about the Tourney King promo is that players will be earning extra money on top of what they already make by playing in poker games.  The way it works is that online poker players will be competing on two different leaderboards depending upon their poker tournament buy-in.  The two leaderboards are the Low Limit Leaderboard and the High Limit Leaderboard; the difference is that the Low Limit Leaderboard is for tournaments with buy-ins of less than $19.99 while the High Limit board is for buy-ins of $20 or more.

So if you decide to play in a holdem poker tournament where the buy-in is $15 and you cash in this tourney, you’ll receive points for the Low Limit Leaderboard.  The amount of points varies depending upon the amount of entrants, the buy-in, and your finish, but Carbon has a calculator for you to use when determining points. 

If you’re able to play poker well enough to finish in the top 250 spots of either the Low Limit or High Limit Leaderboard, you’ll get to play in the monthly Grand Final tournament.  This is where the cash is given out to internet poker players, and the top 50 will all receive a cash prize.  Of course, you want to be at the top of the list because this is where the big money is with 1st place on the High Limit Leaderboard receiving $3,000.  1st place on the Low Limit Leaderboard will also get a nice sum of money at $1,500. 

Because of the fact that the Grand Final is a freeroll, you can’t go wrong with playing for a spot in it.  You’ll also be able to collect 35% in rakeback when you play tournaments at Carbon.

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