RTR Veterans Owning early stages of FTOPS XVII

Since 2006 Full Tilt has been running its ever growing FTOPS events.  From the start of August Full Tilt have been giving their players the chance to win a share of $19,000,000 across 34 events – their biggest FTOPS to date!

RakeTheRake member of 5 years Broberts85 was the triumphant winner of event 1, landing himself a massive $164,357! Our members dominated the tournament with an impressive second prize of $113,856 going to Doorbread, an RTR member of 3 years.         

RTR players continued their success in events 2 and 7, with Maxxscam and Dooks each placing second, winning $32,205 and $17964 respectively. Both loyal members of RTR for 5 years.

Skillville continued the RTR winning streak by securing first place in Event 9, getting his hands on an immense $123,600

It’s not over yet – FTOPS XVII will continue until August 15th and MiniFTOPS will commence on September 8th.

For the opportunity to become an FTOPS champion with RTR sign up here

Winners choose RakeTheRake!

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