Poker Player sentenced to play more Poker or go to Prison

Most poker players don’t need a judge to tell them they have to play poker.  After all, there’s lots of money in both casino and online poker, and who doesn’t like winning money?  But for professional player Samuel McMaster Jr., he has no choice but to play countless hours of poker after a judge handed him a very unique sentence. 

McMaster, who was a former New Mexico insurance agent, was facing 12 years in prison after scamming people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.  He earned over $440,000 by posing as an agent who offered elderly investors high returns on promissory notes and credit accounts.  But instead of actually investing the money, McMaster used the cash to play internet poker and fund his own interests.  When looking at this case, it’s obvious that McMaster didn’t play at poker sites where he could earn rakeback money!

Interestingly enough though, the judge presiding over the case figured out a way in which McMaster could repay the elderly investors he scammed out of money and reduce his prison sentence.  Since McMaster was a poker pro, the judge said that Samuel could play poker games until he has repaid the debt to fraud victims in this case.  A further perk to McMaster’s sentencing is that he can travel out of state to play in any poker tournament as a means of earning the $7,500 a month he needs to pay back investors. 

Unfortunately for McMaster, if he falls behind by more than two payments, he will be shipped off to prison right away to serve 12 years behind bars.  With his freedom on the line, it’s a safe bet to assume that Samuel McMaster will be learning all of the poker strategy he can over the next few months so he can earn that money back.

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