More tips for your toolbox

Every player to the game has their own strategies and ways of raking in the pot, but there are a few basic rules of thumb that seem to be tested-and-true as they come up again and again in poker blogs and forums. The following is a compilation of what we found to be the top-three old standbys when it comes to advice from the pros as to how to improve your game. Should we call them the three golden rules of the game? Or maybe better deemed, the three champion cash-collecting customs?:

1. Sometimes folding is the best option. Not every hand was meant to be played. If you are dealt a poor hand there is no reason to try and transform it into something usable, this will only cost you in the long run. Sometimes it is very clear when you have been beaten at the table, if this is the case- fold. No matter how much money you have sunk into a pot, a losing hand isn’t going to win.

2. Bluffing sparingly is bluffing insightfully. Never bluff simply for the fun of the act of bluffing or as a means of avoiding having to fold. If you need to fold, fold. Bluff only when absolutely necessary. A game based on bluffing is rarely a convincing, nor a winning game.

3. Don’t raise without expecting to be re-raised. If you aren’t able to react to a re-raise on your raise, you probably shouldn’t be raising in the first place. Furthermore, if you can’t raise don’t call – simple as that. If one of your opponents bets and you are confident you have the winning hand, then you should play the hand, that way you can make the other players chip in until they can draw you out.

We’re certainly not saying that these three policies are guaranteed to bring you home the dough, but the respect they have gained from novice to expert players alike is certainly worth something. If anything they are worth considering and might be worth drawing upon in a situation where all you really need is something trusted and true; try it out for yourself and check out the promotions at RakeTheRake where you can choose to participate in exclusive tournaments, winning not only cash but also expense paid packages to worldwide live poker events.

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