“TyboVegas” Wins FTOPS XVII Main Event

FTOPS XVII proved to be the biggest online poker series ever at Full Tilt Poker.  61,150 players participated in the 34 poker games that ran during FTOPS XVII while a total of $20,598,444 was given away during the series. 

The biggest poker news in FTOPS XVII came during the Main Event when “TyboVegas” navigated through 4,805 players to capture the title.  Interestingly enough though, “TyboVegas” ($423,057) earned less money than his heads-up opponent “DQnk” ($446,942) since a deal was made before the two played the final poker hands.

Another big story in FTOPS XVII included Mike “chapmoney” Chapp taking first place on the holdem poker leaderboard after winning two different FTOPS events; Chapp’s prize was a $10,000 prize package that will get him free entry into almost all the FTOPS XVIII tournaments. 

The great thing about the FTOPS series is that it’s not completely over yet because the Mini FTOPS internet poker series will be starting on September 8th.  So if you missed your chance to get into the regular FTOPS series, or just didn’t have a large enough bankroll, you can still get in on the action during Mini FTOPS.  Mini FTOPS will have 34 tournaments that mirror the main FTOPS series, and $6 million in guaranteed money will be awarded. 

Getting away from FTOPS, you can also earn 27% in rakeback money from Full Tilt just by playing in any of their tournaments or cash games.  This is one of the highest rakeback deals around so it’s definitely worth playing at Full Tilt just to cash in on this money. 

Plus they have a bunch of other online poker deals that offer extra cash away from the poker tables.  So whether you’re an experienced player, or just somebody who wants to learn how to play poker, Full Tilt is a great place to play.

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