How To Rattle The Razz

What’s all the rage over Razz? Razz has become one of the most popular online poker games over the past few years partially due to the fact that it is quite easy to learn to play. It is not however easy to win. While no strategy is fool-proof here are a few tips to get you started in the Razz business and walk away with some winnings.

Razz is one of those games where there is absolutely no way to know what your opponents are holding as the majority of the cards are dealt face-down, but you can put together a lot of pieces of the puzzle just by carefully checking out the cards they have dealt face-up. Each time your opponent is dealt a new card, try to gauge their reaction, some things can be pretty obvious clues as to what that face-down card may be. For example, if your opponent is dealt a high card and goes off their hand, then subsequently check to you after having previously bet…probably a chance that their hand is paired up. Not flawless or guaranteed by any means, but you can learn a lot just by watching your opponents actions.

Another aspect of the game of Razz that can be very pivotal in walking away a winner is learning how to steal the blinds. When the action is folded over to you and your visible hand is two or more cards visibly stronger than those who are left to act behind you – this is a good time to steal the blind. By the looks of things your opponents are going to judge that your hand is much stronger than theirs, even if your face-down cards are incredibly weak. Watch for these opportunities in your own hand and for your opponents using similar tactics as well.

While the game in concept is simple there are many ways to approach it making it one of the most difficult games to really get a grasp on. Just remember that all your opponents are in the same boat as you and try to find opportunities to steal the blind as well as keep them from doing so. When your opponents read their cards, try to read them. Their actions and expressions can be like a dialogue for what cards they are holding, just learn to read the dialogue and it as if all cards were dealt face-up.

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