Carbon Poker is giving away Major Cash through Gridiron Grind

With many nerds already talking about their fantasy football teams, you can probably tell that the NFL season is here.  And Carbon Poker is just as excited as anyone about the 2010 NFL season with their Gridiron Grind promotion.

Gridiron Grind – a.k.a. Touchdown – is a new promo offered by Carbon that combines two very popular games in poker and football.  To participate in Touchdown, all Carbon players need to do is visit the poker software and activate the promotion.  Once the promotion has been activated, players can hit the real money poker tables and start playing. 

The Touchdown VIP counter will add up VIP Points you collect along the way and determine when bonuses are unlocked.  So when you start to play poker in the Gridiron Grind, you will be on the first drive; after you’ve collected 250 VIP Points, you will have completed first down and be rewarded with $2.  The next two times you collect 250 VIP Points (2nd and 3rd down) will reward you with an additional $2 each time. 

After the first drive is over with, you will go on a 2nd drive with 3 more downs.  If you’re able to collect 500 VIP Points during poker games on these 3 downs, you will get $5 each time.  The 3rd drive operates the exact same way as the 2nd drive with $5 being awarded for every 500 VIP Points.  The main exception is that you get to play in an extra point bonus game at the end of the third drive for a touchdown; this is just a fancy way of offering more money at the end of the third drive.  Once your extra point attempt is over with, you go back to the first drive so this is an endless cycle.

And throughout this endless cycle, you’ll have the opportunity to be collecting 35% in rakeback as do Carbon players who sign up through RaketheRake.

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