Doyle Brunson dealing with Vampire Bats

As the face of DoylesRoom and one of the best live high stakes poker players in the world, Doyle Brunson is still living a great life at age 77.  Unfortunately though, things haven’t been all rosy for him since vampire bats have infested the casino poker legend’s Montana property. 

If you don’t watch Billy the Exterminator on a regular basis, you should know that vampire bats are a huge nuisance when they decide to call your property home.  Vampire bats like to hide in attics and poop all over attic floors; what’s bad is that their feces contains ammonia and can be extremely harmful to your health.  Even worse, vampire bats get aggressive when people or other animals are near so they swoop down and attack. 

And they don’t discriminate either since they’ll bite an online poker icon like Brunson just as soon as they’ll attack anything else.  Doyle told media members that the bats have swooped down at him several times near his Montana summer home.  Apparently the bats could care less that Doyle Brunson promotes some of the best rakeback deals in internet poker.

Hopefully Brunson doesn’t let the bats distract him too much since his online poker room is currently offering some amazing deals.  Some of the online poker deals currently running at DoylesRoom include Loose Change Tournaments (play in tourneys for just pennies), Doyle’s $50k Bounty Tournament (knock out DoylesRoom pros for major cash), and the Sunday Grand Freeroll.

In order to take advantage of all the deals at DoylesRoom, you should download their poker software and start playing.  And if you play poker in the right events at DoylesRoom, you might even get to play against Doyle himself.  Assuming you do see Doyle at the same poker table, be sure to ask him if the vampire bats are gone.

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