Sick Beat Doesn’t Prevent McCluskey From Qualifying for English Poker Open

Some bad beats are delivered even before the cards are dealt but Mark McCluskey didn’t let the minor inconvenience of being hospitalised during his qualification satellite stop him from entering and winning.

Mark who won the Liverpool leg of the Coral British Masters Poker Tour in July picked up an infection when out at the WSOP in Las Vegas Nevada earlier this year. No, not the sort of infection you guys are thinking of because Mark doesn’t frequent that sort of venue. The fact is he picked up a minor infection in his foot which then became a serious infection in his aortic heart valve. He has now been in hospital for 29 days and is due for release the day before the English Poker Open begins on 11th September.

We caught up with Mark and asked him how he had managed this tremendous feat? He told us,

“I am on intravenous antibiotics for 4 hours a day and I was actually attached to my drip and in bed when I played the qualifier on Doyles Room (Cake Network) last Sunday. I have been here so long now that I obviously know all the medical staff quite well and in fact they all understand the concept of synchronized breaks in on-line poker! We had a quite a celebration on the ward that night!”

We bet you did Mark, and if a lot of excited women in nurses outfits didn’t kill you, then nothing will!

I am sure everyone wishes Mark a speedy recovery and we look forward to seeing him in London next week.

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