$700,000 offered in PlayersOnly Touchdown Promotion

In celebration of the current NFL season, PlayersOnly Poker has decided to launch a football-themed promotion that will offer $700,000 in cash prizes.  Just like Carbon Poker, PlayersOnly has decided to call their promotion “Touchdown,” and you could earn as much as $15,000 through this promo. 

To earn money with Touchdown, you simply need to hit the poker tables at PlayersOnly and earn VIP points.  The more VIP points you earn before the beginning of October, the more cash you’ll be making in this promotion.    There are a total of 10 different levels you must advance through, and bigger prizes are at the higher levels.  Here is a look at how much money you can earn through the Touchdown poker games:

1st First Down: 500 VIP points earns you $5
2nd First Down: 1,000 VIP points awards you with $10
3rd First Down: 2,500 VIP points earns you $30
4th First Down: 5,000 VIP points earns you $125
5th First Down: 7,500 VIP points awards you with $200
6th First Down: 10,000 VIP points earns you $250
7th First Down: 15,000 VIP points gives you $750
8th First Down: 25,000 VIP points earns you $1,250
9th First Down: 50,000 VIP points earns you $2,500
Touchdown: 100,000 VIP points gives you $10,000

As you can see, earning 500 VIP points before October will award you with a $5 cash prize.  Assuming you play poker much more than this, you could earn lots of other cash prizes along the way.

But the key thing to remember in all of this is that you can also receive rakeback in addition to the Touchdown cash.  In fact, PlayersOnly offers 35% rakeback deals at their room so you could essentially earn thousands of dollars more on top of the Touchdown promotion.

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